Service And Satisfaction Is Our Moto

Atit Interiors began as a very modest interior design firm. Gradually with time and every project accomplished, AI evolved from an exclusive interior design firm and attained the position as one of the respectable firms of Mumbai.

Since its inception in 2007 AI has made its presence felt through innovative and timeless designs. The principal designer and founder of the firm, Atit Barbhaya holds a Diploma degree in Interior designing from Mumbai. The core team at AI consists of qualified and driven professionals comprising of Interior Designers and 3d Designer who create versatile body of interior designing. The firm strives to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functionality in all its designs. Efficient project coordinators play a pivotal role in smooth and proficient execution of designs.

A trusting relationship between the designer and the client is crucial for the success of any project; AI maintains a close working relationship with its clients for smooth functioning of all the projects undertaken.

Team Work
Team effort is the foundation of the firm’s success. Harmonious coordination between designers, consultants, coordinators, clients and other miscellaneous agencies result in smooth execution of projects reaping best aesthetic and functional results.

At AI the projects are taken up on a very selective basis where the firm is involved right form of Interior designing project.

“I walk slowly but I never like to go backward, and on the rare occasions that I do, it is for a long jump. I would like to be focused always.”

At AI each project is considered a milestone. The focus of the firm has always been to put the best foot forward and create a space that would be recognized for its innovation and experience. This is achieved through simple yet bold language of stark minimalism. AI aims to leave an influence on every project they are involved.


Residential projects at AI are not considered as yet another designing assignment but a responsibility. We understand that it is with great faith and trust the clients approach us.

It is with this responsibility that we take up projects and make our presence felt in the client’s lives through sensitivity, sensibility and creativity. We are overwhelmed when they put their faith in us and expect them to give us all the freedom required to create a space, which is unique in its design and precise in its functions.

We are very selective of the projects that we plan, as we understand that designing a residence is an intricate process and require a great deal of attention and detailing.

We restrict ourselves in terms of the number of projects, to ensure that each project is developed with constant study, ample ideas, and design skills. We nurture each project to create a beautiful home.


Commercial design is very critical where one deals with limited and expensive spaces. The challenge involved here is one has to respect the nature of business at one end and aesthetics of the entire premise at the other.

It is extremely important to strike a perfect balance between both, in order to increase the customer demand. Every commercial space has a different nature of work and one has to come up with a solution to cater to all the needs. It is very important to make most of each square inch of space available considering the sky rocketing rates per square feet.

Any commercial property may it be retail or an office space; it is the designer’s responsibility to enhance its brand value by providing best design solutions.

There was a time when we designed the maximum number of retail outlets in Mumbai but now we limit ourselves and give the best output to the very few that we design.